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Product Overview
Product Highlights
  • Output size: A3
  • Output Type: Monochrome
Recommended Uses
  • Print Volume: Medium
  • Recommended Usage: Low and Medium workgroups
Enhance your work efficiency by the simple operability
Advanced security features to protect valuable information
Cost and environmental friendliness are always the first priority

The simplicity and usability to fit in any working environment

Enhance your work efficiency by the simple operability


Special one touch buttons

Achieve simple operability through one touch buttons for frequently used functions such as ID copy, Simplex/Duplex setting, scan to USB, and Automatic paper size detection through optional RADF.

Booklet print

A convenient print feature to collate multiple pages into one booklet.

Colour scan

Colour documents can be digitised into colour files. Fast colour scan at 20ppm (150dpi)*, never slows work down. The supported scan file formats are TIFF, PDF, and JPEG.

*1 This is the speed when equipped with the Reverse Automatic Document feeder DF-625.

Cost and environmental friendliness are always the first priority


Double-sided print and double-sided scan

Print two pages on a single paper back to back (double sided), to reduce paper consumption by half.(optional)

Simitri toner with biomass –For High Image Quality

Konica Minolta’s own Polymerized Toner technology achieves high image quality.
The toner fuses at low temperature to bring the overall reduction of power consumption and Co2 emission, and saving TCO, Co2emission in the production process can also be greatly reduced, compared to pulverised toner.

Advanced security features to protect valuable information


SMTP authentication

To support SMTP authentication which permits sending e-mail to users authenti- cated by the SMTP server. E-mail servers and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) etc. which are set for SMTP authentication can be used. Connection to an SMTP server allows SSL communication, so E-mail can be sent in a security-conscious state. This is suitable for small offices and other situations without a private E-mail server.


Printer Functions (Standard: GDI Image Controller)

Type Embedded
Print Speed A4 bizhub 226: 22 ppm, bizhub 206: 20 ppm
Letter bizhub 226: 21 ppm, bizhub 206: 19 ppm
Resolution Main: 600 dpi × Sub: 600 dpi
Memory Size 128 MB standard 
Supported OS Server Windows Server 2008*/ 2008 R2 (×64) /2012 (×64) / 2012 R2 (×64)


* Supports the 32-bit (×86) or 64-bit (×64) environment.

Client Windows Vista* / 7* / 8* / 8.1*


* Support the 32-bit (×86) or 64-bit (×64) environment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) ×86 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) AMD64/Intel64 
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) ×86 
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) AMD64/ Intel64

Interface Standard: USB2.0
Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX (Option card: NC-504)
Protocols   TCP/IP (with Network Interface Card NC-504)

Printer Functions (Optional: PCL Controller with NIC)

Type PCL controller incl. network interface card
Print Speed A4 bizhub 226: 22 ppm, bizhub 206: 20 ppm
Letter bizhub 226: 21 ppm, bizhub 206: 19 ppm
Resolution Main: 1,200 dpi (equivalent) or 600 dpi × Sub: 600 dpi
Page description language PCL6/5e
Supported OS Server Windows Server 2008*/ 2008 R2 (×64) /2012 (×64) / 2012 R2 (×64)


* Supports the 32-bit (×86) or 64-bit (×64) environment.

Client Windows Vista* / 7* / 8* / 8.1*


* Support the 32-bit (×86) or 64-bit (×64) environment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) ×86
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) AMD64/Intel64
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) ×86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) AMD64/ Intel64

Interface Standard: USB2.0
Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Protocols TCP/IP

*Option Panel MK-749 is required.

Scanner Functions

Type Full-Colour scanner
Scanning size Standard: Max. A3 or 11" × 17"
DF-625 (Optional ADF): Max. A3 or 11" × 17"
Interface Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX (Option card: IC-209 or NC-504)
USB2.0 (Standard)
USB2.0 Host
Driver TWAIN driver
Scanning speed
(A4, Simplex) *1
TWAIN B/W: 26 opm, Grayscale: 23 opm, Colour: 16 opm (150 dpi)
B/W: 25 opm, Grayscale: 21 opm, Colour: 7 opm (300 dpi)
B/W: 15 opm (600 dpi)
Network scan *2 B/W: 46 opm, Grayscale: 38 opm, Colour: 20 opm (150 dpi)
B/W: 46 opm, Grayscale: 16 opm, Colour: 8 opm (300 dpi)
B/W: 23 opm (600 dpi)
Scanning size Max. A3 or 11" × 17"
Main function TWAIN Real time mode (pull)
Network scan *2 Scan to FTP, Scan to PC (SMB), Scan to E-Mail,
Network TWAIN
Data format   TIFF, PDF, JPEG
*1 When using the Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625.
*2 Option Card IC-209 or NC-504 and Option Panel MK-749 are required

bizhub 226/206 Copier / General Specifications

Type Desktop Printer / Copier / Scanner
Copy resolution Main: 600 dpi × Sub: 600 dpi
Gradation 256
Memory size 128 MB standard (shared)
Original type Sheet, book, three-dimensional objects (max. 2 kg)
Max. original size A3 or 11" × 17"
Output size Main unit (Universal paper feed tray): Width: 90 mm to 297 mm (A3),
Length: 139.5 mm (5.5") to 431.8 mm (17")
Multi Bypass Tray (MB-505): Width: 90 mm to 297 mm (A3),
Length: 139.5 mm (5.5") to 431.8 mm (17")
Additional Tray (PF-507): Width: 182 mm (B5) to 297 mm (A3),
Length: 182 mm (B5) to 431.8 mm (17")
Warm-Up Time *1 (23°C, sth. voltage) 15 sec. or less
First Copy Out Time *2 6.5 sec. or less
Copy speed (A4/ Letter crosswise) Simplex bizhub 226: 22 ppm, bizhub 206: 20 ppm
Duplex bizhub 226: 15.8 ppm, bizhub 206: 15.2 ppm
Copy magnification Fixed ratio Metric 0.25/0.50/0.70/0.81/1.00/1.15/1.41/2.00/4.00
Inch 0.25/0.50/0.64/0.78/1.00/1.21/1.29/2.00/4.00
Zoom ratio set by 
Up/Down key
25% to 400%
Adjustable in 0.01 steps
Paper capacity (64 g/m2) Main unit (Universal paper feed tray): 250 sheets (up to A3)
Multi Bypass Tray: 100 sheets (up to A3)
Additional Tray (PF-507) : 250 sheets (up to A3)
Max. paper capacity (64 g/m2) 1,350 sheets
Paper weight Main unit/ Multi Bypass Tray 64 g/m2 - 157 g/m2
Additional Tray (PF-507) 64 g/m2 – 90 /m2
Multi copy setting 1-999 pages
Max. power consumption 1,300 W
Dimensions [W] × [D] × [H] 607 × 570 × 458 mm
Weight Approx. 28.2 kg
(excluding TC/Developer)
Application software PageScope Net Care Device Manager & Plug-in
LSU (Local Setting Utility)
*1 The time required to start printing when then main power switch is turned from OFF to ON. 
*2 A4 long edge feed full size/using the first tray/scanning from the original glass surface.

Fax Functions (Optional)

Fax Kit FK-510
Communication G3
Modem speed 2.4 kbps - 33.6 kbps
Compression MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Transmission speed Approx. 3 sec. (A4, V.34, 33.6 kbps, JBIG)
Sending paper size Scanner: Max. A3
Optional DF-625: Max. (W × L) 297 × 1,000 mm
Recording paper size Max. A3 (Max 1,000 mm, printed according page partition setting)
Line density 8 dot/mm x 3.85 line/mm, 8 dot/mm x 7.7 line/mm
8 dot/mm x 15.4 line/mm, 16 dot/mm x 15.4 line/mm
Number of Abbreviated.Dial 250
Number of One Touch.Dial 32
Number of Program dials 4
Sequential multiple station transmission Max. 255
Driver PC-FAX driver
*Option Panel MK-749 is required.

Reverse Automatic Document Feeder (Optional)

Applied models DF-625
Type Circulatory duplex system
Support paper size Max. A3 or 11" × 17"
(Fax mode: Max. 1,000 mm)
Mixed size Support
Support paper weight 35 to 128 g/m2 (Simplex),
50 to 128 g/m2 (Duplex, Mixed Original)
Paper capacity Max. 70 sheets (80 g/m2)
Productivity (A4 portrait, Simplex) *At copy bizhub 226: 22 ppm, bizhub 206: 20 ppm
Power requirements Supplied from the MFP main body
Dimensions [W] × [D] × [H] 546 × 486 × 80 mm
Weight 5.3 kg
System Options


Space Requirement


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