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Main Features
Introducing the bizhub C35, an A4 colour MFP with the performance and productivity similar to most A3 colour MFPs in a compact A4 printer size, bringing enhanced business efficiency to offices that have the inconveniences of having A3 colour MFPs located either far away or in another room. It is also suitable in size and function as a main machine for franchises and satellite offices. In addition, for office networks that require a black & white MFP and a colour printer, or a colour printer and a fax, the bizhub C35 brings it all together in a single unit, helping to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Compact Size
With a small footprint nearly half of A3 MFPs and a total height of only 550mm, the C35 can be placed almost anywhere in the office, including a desktop.
All-in-One Design
The bizhub C35 has all the essential features needed as a distributed MFP for large offices. In addition to standard Super G3 faxing, network printing, and network scanning and copying functions, the C35 also provides a host of other standard features including a variety of security functions, RADF (reverse automatic document feeder), duplex printing, and a 120GB HDD.
Large 4.3-inch full colour LCD touch-screen display
bizhub C35 is extremely simple to operate with an easy-to-see 32,000-colour high-resolution LCD display, easy-to-use large buttons, and icons that are recognisable at a glance.
Outstanding Productivity
Whether in colour or black & white, the C35 offers high-speed outputs of 30 pages per minute (A4). It also provides 100% 1 productivity for duplex printing. The C35′s multi-access feature allows simultaneous scanning and printing for increased efficiency. Furthermore, the 1,350-sheet 2 large-capacity paper supply reduces the downtime needed for paper replacements, and the standard 60~210 g/m2 paper cassette accommodates a large variety of paper weights, even for duplex printing projects.
1 Excludes mixed colour and black & white documents.
2 1,350 sheets max., when using two optional PF-P08 paper cassettes.
High Quality Documents
bizhub C35 inherits the same image enhancement technologies proven on Konica Minolta’s A3 MFPs ? including a new ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) for the latest image processing algorithms ? to provide beautiful business documents and character reproductions. In addition, the C35’s printer controller is equipped with Konica Minolta’s genuine Emperon Print System, which includes PS mode and PCL mode, providing high level outputs that are consistently on par with our higher-end machines.
PageScope Mobile
The PageScope Mobile Application will change your work style in no time at all. With the clever Application, the bizhub C35 can be conveniently connected to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Essentially offering two important functions, namely printing and scanning, the PageScope Mobile Application lets you browse, read and order prints of your documents, emails and photos. Likewise, you can load data scanned via a
Universal Printer Driver
bizhub C35 is supported by Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art Universal Printer Driver (UPD) allowing it to be shared with other Konica Minolta MFPs and printers from a single interface. With the UPD, you can even print from your laptop PC while away on business at a branch office, or in an office with multiple bizhubs without having to access a new driver. Furthermore, the UPD’s basic functions are compatible with a variety of third-party networked MFPs and printers, to minimise the hassle of changing drivers for each brand.

* The UPD must be downloaded from the Konica Minolta website (free of charge).

* Applicable functions with the UPD will vary according to device.

Enhanced Integration with High-end bizhubs

In addition to centralised management made possible with PageScope Enterprise Suite software, a variety of user authentication systems including IC card authentication*, external-server authentication and MFP authentication are also available to the bizhub C35. Moreover, numerous functions, including reliable security and high-level networking allow seamless operations with our high-end machines. In addition, an easy to see and use control panel and Universal Design make C35 more user-friendly in a variety of ways. With seamless operations, C35 can be used as an extension to your existing office network of A3 MFPs without inconvenience.

* Optional authentication unit is required.

Environmental Friendly
To lessen the burden on the environment, bizhub C35 uses Simitri HD toner with biomass*, an advanced version of Simitri toner with biomass* which Konica Minolta has been producing since 2000 using plant-based resources. In addition, Konica Minolta has newly developed an ozone-free charge roller, reduced the number of parts, and utilised more recycled materials. Furthermore, by reducing energy consumption and clearing the newinternational standard values set by the Energy Star program (Tier 2), the C35 offers both ecology and economy through reduced CO2 emissions.

* Biomass is a renewable organic resource made up of biological materials and excludes fossil fuels.
Copy Functions
  • Text, Photo, Text/Photo modes
  • Auto density adjustment
  • Auto paper selection (Original must be specified)
  • Auto zoom selection (Original must be specified)
  • Mixed originals (Letter and Legal only)
  • Image rotation Program registration (up to 15)
  • 2-in-1/4-in-1 copy Interrupt mode
  • Slightly reduced copy
  • Margin setting (position/size)
  • Card Shot Separate Scan
Print Functions
  • Document, Photo, DTP, Web, CAD modes
  • Edge Enhancement Poster mode (2×2, 3×3, 4×4 PS only)
  • N-in-1, N x N 2/4/6/9/16 in 1 (2×2, 3×3, 4×4 PCL only)
  • Booklet Multiple protocol compatibility Stamp (Watermark)
  • Overlay Cover sheet
  • 180º rotation
  • Blank page control (PCL only)
  • Margin setting (position/size)
  • Print status notification (Application)
  • PDF/TIFF/JPEG/XPS Direct Print
  • USB Direct Print PageScope Mobile
  • ICC profiles download Toner Save Mode
  • My Tab Black Overprint
  • Auto Trapping PPML-Variable Data Printing
  • Support for new function in latest PDF version 1.7
  • Save in HDD
Copy/Print Functions
  • Multi-job
  • Duplex copy/print
  • Enlarge/reduce/zoom
  • Sort Group
  • Auto tray switch Proof copy/print
Scanning Functions
  • Auto Colour Selection
  • Mixed original scanning (Letter and Legal only)
  • Separate Scan Multi-Method Send (with restrictions)
  • Scan to E-mail E-mail subject/E-mail body text
  • Scan to SMB Scan to FTP
  • E-mail notification of Scan to SMB/FTP URL
  • Scan to WebDAV
  • Scan to USB
  • TWAIN Scan (Raw mode only)
  • Windows WIA Scan
  • WS-Scan
  • PageScope Mobile
  • Compact PDF
  • File type (TIFF/PDF/JPEG/XPS)
  • Save in HDD
Fax Functions
  • G3 Fax
  • Text, Photo, Text/Photo modes
  • 2-sided transmission
  • Memory transmission
  • Timer transmission
  • Memory RX (print as needed)
  • Memory reception (save when printing fails)
  • Fax forwarding (Temporary Forward Transmission not supported)
  • Polling reception Sequential multiple station transmission
  • F-code
  • V.34 OFF
  • Transmission report Internet Fax (Simple mode only)
  • PC Fax Cover sheet (PC Fax)
  • Acquiring address information from MFP (PC Fax)
Scanning/Fax Functions
  • One-touch registration (up to 2,000)
  • Program transmission (up to 400)
  • LDAP search (One registered server only)
Security & Management Functions
  • Built-in Authentication
  • Non-Contact IC Card Authentication (Optional authentication unit is required)
  • ID & Print (Optional authentication unit is required)
  • External Server Authentication NDS authentication over TCP/IP
  • Department management (Account Name, Password) (PageScope Web Connection only)
  • Secure Print (Win/Mac OSX only)
  • Copy Protect (PC print (PCL) only)
  • Scan to E-mail SMTP authentication, POP3 before SMTP SMTP over SSL/Start TLS Encrypted
  • PDF S/MIME IEEE 802.1X support
  • IP Filtering SSL/TLS Protocol
  • Overwrite all data in the HDD
  • HDD data encryption Confidential transmission
  • Password transmission/reception (F-code)
  • Automatic fax destination verification and transmission (CSI: Called Subscriber ID)
  • Fax number confirmation ISO15408 (In evaluation)
Other Functions
  • Help
  • Status Notifier
  • B/W Printing When Colour Toner Runs Out
  • IPv6 Protocol DPWS supported (Windows Vista)
  • CPU (800MHz) HDD (120GB)
  • Emperon
  • Interface: Ethernet (1000Base-T/ 100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB 2.0, USB Host bEST LCD (Colour 96.7 x 55.5mm)
  • Maximum total capacity (1,350 sheets)
  • Paper capacity: 1st tray (250 sheets)
  • 2nd tray (Optional)
  • Multiple Bypass Tray (100 sheets)
  • Multiple Bypass Tray paper weight support (210g/m2) Auto Duplex
bizhub C35 General Specifications
Type Desk top Full-Colour Printer/Copier/Scanner
Colour Support Full-Colour
Copy Resolution Scan 600dpi × 600dpi
Print 600dpi × 600dpi
Gradation 256 colour shades per pixel (8-bit)
Memory Capacity 1.5GB (Std/Max)
HDD 120GB (shared print, copy, scan and fax)
Original Type Sheets, Books, Objects
Max. Original Size Max. A4 or 8.5″ × 14″
Output Size Tray 1 (Standard)
(Multiple Bypass Tray)
A4, A5, B5, A6, B6, 16K
4″ × 6″, 5.5″ × 8.5″, 8.5″ × 11″, 8.5″ × 14″
Tray 2 (First Cassette)
(Standard) (Universal Tray)
A4, A5, B5, A6, B6, 16K
4″ × 6″, 5.5″ × 8.5″, 8.5″ × 11″, 8.5″ × 14″
Tray 3 and 4
(Second and Third Cassette)
(Optional) (Universal Tray)
A4, B5
8.5″ × 11″, 8.5″ × 14″*
Image Loss Copy Max. 4.0mm for Top/bottom/right/left edge
Print Max. 4.2mm for Top/bottom/right/left edge
Warm-Up Time (23°C, std. voltage) 45 sec. or less
(May vary depending on the operating environment and usage.)
First Copy Time Colour 12.0 sec.
B/W 10.1 sec.
Copy Speed Colour A4: 30 ppm
B&W A4: 30 ppm
Copy Magnification Fixed Same Magnification 1:1±1.0% or less
Scaling Up 1:1.154 / 1.224 / 1.294 / 1.414 / 1.545 / 1.631 / 2.000
Scaling Down 1:0.866 / 0.816 / 0.785 / 0.707 / 0.647 / 0.607 / 0.500
Preset 3 types
Zoom / Flatbed 25 to 400%, 0.1% increments
Zoom / ADF 25 to 200%, 0.1% increments
Paper Capacity
(80g/m2 paper)
Standard 100-sheet multiple bypass tray, 250-sheet universal tray
Max. 1,350 sheets (total, with options)
Paper Weight 60-210 g/m2
Multiple Copy 1-999 sheets
Power Requirements 220-240V (50-60Hz)
Max. Power Consumption 1.3kW or less
Dimensions [W] × [D] × [H] 555mm × 508mm × 550mm (21-3/4″ × 20″ × 21-3/4″)
Weight 39kg (86lb)
Space Requirements [W] × [D] 1,068mm × 954mm (42″ × 37-1/2″)
Printer Specifications (Standard)
Type Embedded
CPU MV78100 (800MHz)
Memory Shared with the copier
Print Speed Same as Copy Speed (when using the same original)
HDD 120 GB (Shared with the copier)
Print Resolution 600dpi × 600dpi
PDL PostScript3 Emulation, PCL5e/c/PCL6, XPS
PDF Direct Printing, JPEG/TIFF/XPS Direct Print
Protocol TCP/IP, EtherTalk, IPX/SPX, UPD, IPv6
Support OS PCL6 Windows 2000, Windows XP/XP 64bit, Windows Server 2003/
Server 2003 64bit, Windows Vista/ Vista 64bit, Windows Server
2008/Server 2008 64bit, Windows 7 (Not certified by WHQL)
PS3 Windows 2000, Windows XP/XP 64bit, Windows Server 2003/
Server 2003 64bit, Windows Vista/Vista 64bit, Windows Server
2008/Server 2008 64bit, Mac OSX (10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4/10.5),
LINUX, Windows 7 (Not certified by WHQL)
XPS Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 (Not certified by WHQL)
Fonts PCL 80 fonts
PS 137 fonts
Interface Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T),
USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Scanning Specifications (Standard)
Type Full-Colour Scanner
Interface Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T), USB Host
Driver Network TWAIN Driver, WIA (1.0/2.0) Driver (for Windows only)
Protocol TCP/IP (FTP, SMB, SMTP, WebDAV, WS-Scan)
Scanning Speed (300dpi) B&W/Colour A4: 30/30ppm
Scanning Size Flatbed Scan Max. A4/Legal
ADF Scan Max. 215.9 × 1,000mm
(Only fax is possible for sizes exceeding 355.6mm in length)
Output Format (Single Page/Multi-Page) TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, Encrypted PDF, JPEG*, XPS Page Setting
Scanning Resolution 150dpi × 150dpi, 200dpi × 200dpi, 300dpi × 300dpi, 600dpi × 600dpi
(Network TWAIN: 150dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi, 1200dpi, 2400dpi, 4800dpi)
Main Function Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to SMB, Scan to HDD,
Scan to WevDAV, Scan to USB, WS-Scan, Windows WIA Scan
Fax Specifications (Standard)
Communication Super G3
Compatible Lines Public Switch Telephone Network, PBX
Line Density Std.: 200 × 100dpi (8 dot/mm × 3.85 line/mm)
Fine: 200 × 200dpi (8 dot/mm × 7.7 line/mm)
Super Fine: 400 × 400dpi (16 dot/mm ×15.4 line/mm)
Modem Speed 2.4 to 33.6kbps
Compression MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Sending Paper Size Flatbed Scan Max. A4/Legal
ADF Scan Max. 215.9 × 1,000mm (STD/Fine/Super Fine)
Recording Paper Size Max. A4/Legal (Long Length Record Max.1,000mm – following the page division)
Transmission Speed Less than 3 sec. (A4, V.34, 33.6kbps, JBIG)
Scanning Speed A4: 30ppm 1
Number of Abbr. Dials 2,000 2
Number of Program Dials 400 2
Number of Group Dials 100 2
Sequential Multiple Station Transmission 500
System Options
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