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Main Features
  • 20ppm copy and print speeds in both B&W and colour
  • Compact design
  • Tandem Engine for high image quality and high-speed output
  • High-performance Emperon Print System with multi-OS supportv
  • Polymerised Simitri HD Toner for high image quality
  • Multi-method Send
  • IP Address Fax
  • IP Address/G3 Fax Automatic Switching to ensure transmission certainty
  • Thick paper compatibility and large paper capacity
  • Ultra-quiet operation (30.4dB when on standby)
  • Universal design
Make colour fit your company and your costs. The multifunctional bizhub C200 ensures that the use of convincing colour documents and presentations isn’t only for large companies. This compact, easy-to-use machine boasts excellent colour image quality and reaches copy and print speeds of 20 pages per minute in both black & white and colour. Whether you’re copying, printing, scanning or faxing, the C200 promises to be just the right fit for you, your office and your company’s success.
All-in-One Design for Maximum Efficiency
The all-in-one bizhub C200 helps small offices become more efficient and friendlier places to work. It lets you streamline your office by allowing you to relocate print, copy, scan and fax functions to one convenient site. By utilising the C200’s scanner you can also free up valuable floor space by converting hard documents into digital files. Financially, the C200 allows you to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by getting rid of your black & white copier, colour printer, scanner and fax and replacing them with one efficient machine capable of taking on the work of all those devices. The C200’s Internet and IP Address Fax features will also help you reduce communication costs. And, the bizhub’s exceptional energy efficiency will cut utility costs. Finally, the C200’s ultra-quiet operation also helps create a less noisy, and more friendly work environment.
High Image Quality
Due to a collection of technologies like our polymerised Simitri HD Toner, the C200 promises exceptional image quality. Simitri HD Toner is resistant to wear and tear thanks to its high fade resistance, matching that of professional printing ink. This makes documents suitable for long-term storage. Thanks to the toner’s oil-less fixing, it is also easy to write on printed documents with a water-based pen or securely stick adhesive notes to them.
With the C200′s scanner you have the ability to scan documents, convert them to digital data and then send them to a variety of destinations; these include Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to SMB and TWAIN scan. And, with Multi-Method Send, you’ll get more done in less time. The C200′s Multi-Method Send allows you to send data by fax and e-mail to multiple destinations with a single operation while simultaneously sending the data to SMB or FTP.
The C200 boasts an optional fax with features that utilise network infrastructure?Internet and intranets?to move information faster and to provide cost reductions. Besides our G3 fax, this machine offers Internet Fax, IP Address Fax and PC Fax (for Windows only) functions. The C200’s IP Address Fax allows you to cost-effectively send a black & white fax to any bizhub on the network that supports IP Address Fax simply by selecting an IP address. Because this method uses existing network systems, no additional costs are associated with it. And should a transmission error occur while sending an IP Address Fax or Internet Fax, the C200 automatically switches the destination to a pre-registered G3 fax number, ensuring the certainty of your transmission.
Thick Paper Compatibility and Large Paper Capacity
The C200 accommodates thick paper up to 256g/m2 in all of its trays. In terms of capacity, it holds up to 3,350 sheets of paper, including 100 sheets in its multiple bypass tray. And, it accommodates a wide range of paper sizes including paper from A3 wide to A6, as well as envelopes and labels.
Universal Design
Designed to accommodate anyone regardless of age, gender, body size or disability, the C200 features a vertically tilting control panel with improved tilt mechanism, easy-grip paper trays and front access to toner and paper. The “start” button also has an easy-to-see blue LED light.
bizhub C200 Specifications
Type Desktop Full-Colour Copier/Printer/Scanner
Colour Support Full-Colour
Copy Resolution Scan Main: 600dpi × Sub: 600dpi
Print Main: 600dpi × Sub: 600dpi
Gradation 256
Memory Capacity (Std/Max) 576MB/1,088MB
HDD Not Available
Original Type Sheets, Books, Objects
Max. Original Size A3 (11″ × 17″)
Output Size A3-A5, A3 Wide (12″ × 18″), A6 Lengthwise
Image Loss Max.4.2mm for top edge, Max.3mm for bottom/right/left edges
Warm-Up Time (23°C, std. voltage)
(time from when sub-power is turned on)
Colour 40 sec. or less
B&W 37 sec. or less
First Copy Time
(23°C,std. voltage)
Colour 13.5 sec. or less
B&W 10 sec. or less
Copy Speed Colour 20 pages/min (A4 Crosswise), 9.8 pages/min (A3)
B&W 20 pages/min (A4 Crosswise), 9.8 pages/min (A3)
Copy Magnification Fixed Same Magnification 1:1±0.5% or less
Scaling Up 1:1.154/1.224/1.414/2.000
Scaling Down 1:0.866/0.816/0.707/0.500
Preset 3 types
Zoom 25-400% (in 0.1% increments)
Lengthwise Crosswise Individual Settings 25-400% (in 0.1% increments)
Paper Capacity
(80g/m2 paper)
Standard 250 sheets (1st Tray)
Optional 500 sheets (PC-105), 500 sheets (PC-104), 500×2 sheets (PC-204), 2,500 sheets (PC-405), 100 sheets (Multi Bypass Tray MB-502)
Paper Weight Trays 1-4 60-256g/m2
Multi Bypass Tray 60-256g/m2
Multiple Copy 1- 999 sheets
Power Requirements AC220-240V 6A (50/60Hz)
Max. Power Consumption 1.25kW or less
Dimensions [W] × [D] × [H] 620mm × 688mm × 648mm (24-1/2″ × 27 × 25-1/2″)
Weight Approx. 68kg (150lb)
Space Requirements [W] × [D] (Standard system) 620mm × 688mm (24-1/2″ × 27)
Print Specifications (Standard)
Type Embedded
CPU C554/C454:MPC8536 1.2GHz C364/C284:MPC8536 1.0GHz C224:MPC8536 800MHz
Memory Shared with the copier
HDD 250 GB (Shared witd tde copier)
Print Speed Same as Copy Speed (when using the same original)
Print Resolution 1,200 × 1,200 dpi
PDL PCL5e/c, PCL6 (Ver. 3.0), XPS Ver. 1.0
Protocol TCP/IP, IPX/SPX (NDS support), SMB (NetBEUI), LPD, IPP1.1, SNMP, HTTP
Support OS Windows 2000 / XP / XP 64bit / Vista / Vista 64bit / 7 / 7 64bit / Server 2003 / Server 2003 64bit / Server 2003 R2 / Server 2003 R2 64bit /Server 2008 / Server 2008 64bit /Mac OS 9.2 / Mac OS X 10.2/10.3/10.4 (Power PC) / Mac OS X 10.5(Power PC/Intel) / Mac OS X 10.6/10.7(Intel)Linux
Fonts PCL 80 Roman fonts
PS 137 Roman Type1 fonts
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T), USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB Host
Type Internal Type
CPU Power PC 440EP 667Hz
Memory Shared with copier
Print Speed Same as Copy Speed (when using the same original)
HDD Not available
Print Resolution Main: 600dpi × Sub: 600dpi
PDL PCL5e/c Emulation, PCL XL ver.3.0 Emulation, PostScript 3 Emulation (3015)
Protocol TCP/IP, LPD, IPX/SPX (NDS supported)*, SMB (NetBEUI)*, IPP1.0*, EtherTalk*
Support OS Server Windows 2000/Server 2003/Server 2003 x64 Edition
Client Windows 2000/XP/Vista/XP x64 Edition/Vista x64 Edition/MacOS 9.2 or later/MacOS X ver.10.2-10.4 (10.5*)/Mac Intel OS X 10.4 (10.5*)
Font PCL 80 European fonts
PS 137 European Type1 fonts
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), USB2.0 Compatible
Scanning Function
Type Full-Colour Scanner
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Driver TWAIN Driver*
Protocol TCP/IP (SMTP, FTP*, SMB*)
Support OS Windows 2000/XP/MacOS X ver.10.2 or later
Scanning Speed (A4 Crosswise) Colour / B&W 20/40 pages/min (300dpi)
Scanning Size Max. A3
Output Format TIFF (#2 standard, No colour TIFF), PDF (V1.3 standard), JPEG
Scanning Resolution Push 200/300/400/600dpi
Pull (only TWAIN* scan) 100/200/300/400/600dpi
Main Functions Scan to E-Mail, Scan to FTP*, Scan to SMB*
(Network TWAIN* (via Ethernet TCP/IP))
Other Functions Multi-Method Send, Authentication for e-mail sending
IP Address Fax Function
Protocol Transmission SMTP, TCP/IP
Encoding System MH, MR, MMR, JPEG
Sending Paper Size Max. A3
Recording Paper Size Flatbed Scan: Max. A3
Automatic Document Feeder Scan: B&W: Max. 297 × 1,000mm
Scanning Speed (A4 Crosswise) B&W 200dpi: 40ppm
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Resolution 200/300/400/600dpi
Fax Function
Communication ECM/G3
Compatible Lines PSTN, PBX
Line Density G3: 8 dot/mm × 3.85 line/mm to 400 × 400dpi
Modem Speed 2.4kbps-33.6kbps
Compression MH / MR / MMR / JBIG
Sending Paper Size Flatbed Scan: Max. A3 (Long Length Max.1,000mm)
Automatic Document Feeder Scan:Max. 297 × 1,000mm (Simplex), Max. 297 × 432mm (Duplex)
Recording Paper Size Max. A3 (Long Length Record Max.1,000mm ? following the page division ?)
Transmission Speed Less than 3 sec. (A4, V.34, 33.6kbps, JBIG)
Scanning Speed (A4 Crosswise) B&W Fine Mode: 40ppm
Memory Shared with copier
Number of Abbr. Dials 300
Number of Program Dials 30
Number of Group Dials 30
Sequential Multiple Station Transmission Max. 210
System Options
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