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Product Information
Product Overview


features_img02 Environmental Consideration
Konica Minolta understands that saving resources benefits both the planet and your bottom line.
features_img03 Innovative Technology
The bizhub 423 series offers many of the same features as colour MFPs, while keeping running costs manageable.
features_img04 Enhanced Document Handling
As the monochrome MFP designed to reduce TCO,the bizhub 423 series delivers the kind of high-level document performance.
features_img05 Enhanced Usability
The bizhub 423 series is equipped with a host of advanced fax features to keep information flowing and keep costs low.
features_img06 Cost-effective Fax Solutions
Stay in touch without incurring extra costs.
features_img07 Comprehensive Output Solutions
Productivity meets resource conservation in the bizhub 423 series.
features_img08 Robust Security
All of the bizhub 423 series’ exceptional functionality doesn’t mean a thing without powerful security measures.
  • Lead your business to greater success with Konica Minolta eco Solutions.
  • Calculate the environmental contribution through device replacement with the eco Calculator.
Konica Minolta understands that saving resources benefits both the planet and your bottom line. Expanding on that idea, we also strive to make your office environment as agreeable as possible.
Toner Recycling Mechanism
Toner used in the bizhub 423 series is reused 100%. Untransferred toner that remains on the photoconductor is removed by the cleaning blade, carried through the recycle duct, and re-sent to the developing unit. This process eliminates the generation of toner waste.
Quiet Operation

The bizhub 423 series is the quietest MFP in its class during standby. Noise reductions have also been made in the ADF, making it the smart choice for a high-performance MFP that isn’t an intrusive presence.

Superior TEC Values
The bizhub 423 series offers excellent energy performance. It surpasses the TEC values* needed to gain Energy Star certification by a wide margin – up to 62% for the bizhub 423 model.
* TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) is the test method used by Energy Star.
Environmentally Considerate Toner
• Simitri with Biomass
Since 2000, when Konica Minolta introduced the world’s first polymerised toner for digital monochrome MFPs, Simitri toner has been made using biomass, a plant-based resource. This ensures less environmental impact without sacrificing image quality.
Simitri with Biomass
Don’t let the monochrome output fool you – the bizhub 423 series offers many of the same features as colour MFPs, while keeping running costs manageable.
Colour Scanning
Despite being a monochrome MFP, the bizhub 423 series offers colour scanning ,letting you share and save documents in their original state.
Simitri HD Toner with Biomass
Konica Minolta’s exclusive polymerised toner with plant-based ingredients (biomass) offers high image quality and less environmental impact.
High-quality Monochrome Output

Colour originals are output in high-quality monochrome without shifts in gradation. This is especially apparent during printing, as screens optimised for the characteristics of the engine’s properties improve gradations and reduce graininess.

  • Image Processing Engine

A new ASIC image processing engine ensures high-quality monochrome prints.

  • OpenAPI

Konica Minolta’s proprietary API system that enables customised workflows.

  • Integration with Colour MFPs

New firmware enables full feature integration with colour devices.

As the monochrome MFP designed to reduce TCO, the bizhub 423 series delivers the kind of high-level document performance you would expect to find with costlier MFP models.
High-speed Network Scanning
Even though the bizhub 423 series is a monochrome MFP, it can scan at a speed of 70opm in both monochrome and colour, enabling your office to enjoy a colour workflow without the added cost of a colour device. Additionally, mixed colour/monochrome and mixed sized documents are automatically detected without pre-scanning, saving you time.
Scan a document and send the data to various destinations at once, including a PC, e-mail address, etc. This time-saving function greatly increases efficiency when the same document has to be sent to multiple contacts with varying network environments.
Scan to SMB
Send scanned data directly to a shared folder on a PC.
Scan to E-mail
Send documents as attachments to e-mail addresses. Compatible with S/MIME encryption and LDAP for easy address retrieval.
Scan to USB Memory
Scan documents directly to an attached USB device – no network means higher security and convenience.
Searchable PDF
Scanned originals can be saved as PDF files with selectable text data using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing. This makes it possible to search for keywords in the text of the PDF file, as well as copy and paste the desired text into other applications.
*Optional HD-516 HDD required (bizhub 363/283/223).
Compact PDF
PageScope Web Connection
A web-based network utility providing information on device status and settings.
PageScope Workware
Manages data as PDF files for easy editing, processing and searching.
Box Function
Saves scan, copy, print or fax data to the Box, facilitating information sharing.
PageScope Box Operator
Lets you view, download, reprint, rename and delete files stored in the User Box.
Konica Minolta focuses on the needs of every user by offering superior functionality and ease-of-use to make simple work of even complex processes.
Colour LCD Panel
Boasting a large 8.5-inch colour LCD screen and 4 adjustable tilt angels, the new bizhub offers users a highly legible interface and an intuitive layout for trouble-free navigation.
Guide Functions
The Guidance Function offers information relevant to the feature currently in use, while the Animation Guidance walks users through the process of removing paper jams.
*Optional HD-516 HDD required (bizhub 363/283/223).
Stylish Design
Sporting a sophisticated black and white body with a 360-degree design, the new bizhub looks great from any angle, no matter where it is placed in your office.
Universal Design
Paper trays can be opened and closed with either an overhand or underhand grip, making it easier for everyone in the office to replenish paper supplies as needed.
Stay in touch without incurring extra costs. The bizhub 423 series is equipped with a host of advanced fax features to keep information flowing and keep costs low.
IP Address Fax
Simply select an IP address to send a colour or monochrome fax to any SMTP compatible device or bizhub on the network that supports IP Fax. And since this feature uses existing network systems, no additional costs are required.
*Optional HD-516 HDD required (bizhub 363/283/223).
*Optional FK-508 Fax Kit, MK-726 Fax Mount Kit required.
Colour Internet Fax
Colour Internet Fax comes standard, enabling cost-efficient transmission of colour and monochrome faxes to any MFP that supports the Profile C standard, even machines outside of the intranet. This method also helps reduce costs by taking advantage of your pre-existing internet infrastructure.
*Optional HD-516 HDD required (bizhub 363/283/223).
PC Fax
Send data directly from a PC to any fax machine via the bizhub 423 series. This function helps reduce paper waste and cut TCO as there’s no need to print before faxing.
*Optional FK-508 Fax Kit, MK-726 Fax Mount Kit required.
TSI Routing
TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) identifies and sorts faxes by sender, either individuals or organisations. This makes it possible to automatically receive and store all faxes from a particular sender in a designated folder within the Box. Faxes can also be sent separately to an e-mail, FTP or SMB server, making it ideal when away from the office or on a business trip.

Super G3 Fax (optional)
High-speed, high image quality faxes offering
exceptional cost performance.

Spam Fax Protection
Save incoming faxes temporarily on the HDD and
preview as thumbnails before printing.

Memory Reception
Documents can be received, stored in memory,
and printed out as needed.

Multi-port Fax
Send faxes to two destinations at the same time.

Address Registration
Register up to 2,000 individual and 100 group
addresses and fax numbers for quick access and easy sending.

Productivity meets resource conservation in the bizhub 423 series. Get more work done at a lower cost with the diverse output opportunities at your fingertips.
Diverse Finishing Options
Choose between the robust, feature-rich floor finisher and the space-saving inner finisher for the finishing options that fit your business needs.
FS-527 Floor Finisher
With an impressively narrow width of only 528mm, the FS-527 Floor Finisher offers stapling, as well as optional hole punching and saddle stitching – ideal for creating presentation materials and reports. Additionally, the optional JS-603 Job Separator divides output between three trays depending on delivery destination, while a low-noise design ensures quiet operation.
FS-529 Inner Finisher
This internal finisher in the main body reduces space, while offering stapling and separating functionality. The JS-505 Job Separator can also be used.
Quick Start  
To increase productivity while reducing energy consumption, the bizhub 423 series offers a warm-up time (WUT) of 12 seconds or less when in Sleep Mode and a first-copy output time (FCOT) of only 3.6 seconds* or less.
*bizhub 423/363 only. WUT for bizhub 283/223 is 4.2 seconds.
Paper Capacity
With two 500-sheet universal trays and a 150-page multi-bypass as standard, the bizhub 423 series offers an impressive maximum capacity of 3,650 with the PC-409 Paper Feed Cabinet. Furthermore, the multi-bypass handles thick paper up to 210g/m2, allowing greater output diversity.
Duplex / n-in-1 Copy & Print
Up to 16 pages can be printed on one sheet(8 pages for copying) with n-in-1 printing. With the optional DF-621 Reverse ADF, duplex copying and printing is available, contributing to less paper waste and improved cost performance.
Network Print
Featuring Konica Minolta’s proprietary Emperon print controller, network printing comes standard, enabling printing regardless of the mix of operating systems on your network.
More Copy and Print Functions
• Booklet Copy & Print
• Print & Save Files from Mobile Devices (Bluetooth)
Optional HD-516 HDD required (bizhub 363/283/223). PageScope Mobile
output_img09• The PageScope Mobile
Application will change your work style in no time at all. With the clever Application, bizhub 423/363/283/223 can be conveniently connected to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Essentially offering two important functions, namely printing and scanning, the PageScope Mobile Application lets you browse, read and order prints of your documents, emails and photos. Likewise, you can load data scanned via a bizhub system.
• Features
• Printing and scanning via Wi-Fi
output_img10• Ordering prints of PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS, PNG, BMP and GIF files on Konica Minolta multifunctionals
• Ordering prints of emails and attached documents on Konica Minolta output devices
• Printing of photos on a Konica Minolta system
• Easy managing of documents via “My Documents” :
• Preview and print files
• Receive scans from the Konica Minolta system
• Save email attachements into My Documents
• Convenient web browsing and printing of the web browsing screen
• Automatic and flexible discovery of Konica Minolta devices

Print documents and share information with team members.
Handwritten notes can be scanned on the spot and shared with everyone.
Helps business users innovate their work style Provides enhanced flexibility to utilise business documents more creatively, at any time, and in any place Facilitates taking advantage of extended mobility with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Attractive productivity enhancement
Direct Print from USB Memory Device
Optional EK-604 or EK-605 Local Interface Kit required (bizhub 363/283/223).
Card Copy
All of the bizhub 423 series’ exceptional functionality doesn’t mean a thing without powerful security measures to ensure that information stays safe and in control.
Biometric Authentication
Highly efficient and secure, biometric authentication scans the unique finger veins of each user. This authentication method eliminates the need for cards and passwords which have to be renewed periodically and could be forgotten, reducing the burden on administrators.
*Optional AU-102 Authentication Unit is required.
Non-contact IC Card Authentication
This method quickly authenticates users. And since pre-existing employee ID cards can also be used, there is no added burden on the user. IC cards can also be used to authenticate entry into certain rooms or floors for an even higher level of security.
*Optional AU-201 Authentication Unit is required.
User Authentication
he bizhub 423 features an authentication system standard in the main body. Even in server-less environment, permissions can be set by user, department, etc. to control output, reducing unnecessary output and lowering TCO.
Copy Security (Copy Guard and Password Copy)
With Copy Guard, documents can be copied or printed with a special security pattern, preventing unauthorised copies. The Password Copy feature allows users to cancel this protection by entering a password before attempting to re-copy the document.
*Optional SC-507 Security Kit is required.
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